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Doff Industries manages progressive websites such as DesignCharrette.com and Hathmore.com. Doff Industries co-develops the online, on-demand courses on EnergySmartInstitute.com.

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Ken Riead

Ken Riead

Ken Riead is a Senior Certified Energy Manager (#3224), Certified Demand-Side Manager and Certified Sustainable Development Professional plus a Chartered "Legend in Energy" with the Association of Energy Engineers. He is the owner/manager of Doff Industries and primary developer of DesignCharrette.com and Energy Mortgage Network, plus is a co-developer of the EnergySmartInstitute.com.

Ken Riead has been well known in the fields of energy conservation, renewable energy and environmental practices for over 30 years. His focus has been on promoting education for both consumers and professionals. During his tenure on the board of the Colorado Thermal Insulation Association, Ken helped write the first set of energy codes for Denver, which were later enacted into law. He also served on the board of the Denver Solar Energy Association. While at DSEA he helped organize the first Denver Passive Solar Home tour, which eventually evolved into the National Sustainable Homes Tour.

Ken Riead worked in the late 1970s and early 1980s as the Director of the Denver Energy Conservation Laboratory and taught energy conservation courses at the Red Rocks Solar program, which at that time was the largest solar training and certification program in the United States with over 500 students. He has worked or consulted for several energy utilities, including Intermountain Rural Electric Association, the City of Independence, Missouri Power & Light and the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities. Ken is the recipient of many energy and environmental awards and recognitions.